Fee guide

These fees are a guide. Every patient is different hence each patient’s fees will reflect their individual needs.

You will be provided with a personalised report with a detailed fee estimate, after your initial consultation appointment. (finance plans are available on certain treatments)

Dental Hygiene Specialist Prosthodontics & Restorative Dentistry
General Dentistry Childrens & Special needs Dentistry
Specialist Periodontics Specialist Orthodontics
Specialist Endodontics Specialist Oral Surgery



Dental Hygiene

Basic Periodontal examination and risk assessment,
Dietary Advice, Oral hygiene instruction, Scale and Polish.             











General Dentistry

(complex case & Full mouth assessment)                  

£100 (£150 including report)

Routine check up £90
Routine scale & polish £90
Root debridement £100/quadrant
Fillings From £85 - £195
Onlays/inlays From £595
Crowns From £600-£800 (depending on materials used)
Porcelain Veneers From £700/unit
Composite Veneers

From £250/unit

Post & Core From £200
Bridges From £700/unit
Dentures (Full) From £2000/set
Partial dentures
(chrome cobalt/titanium)                               
From £1200/denture

Acrylic Partial dentures

From £350.00
Restoration of implant
(See Oral Surgery for costs associated with implant placement)
"All on four implant retained bridge" From £6000 /arch
Tooth Whitening £250 in chair
£350 take home
I.V. Sedation (Adult) £200













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Childrens & Special needs Dentistry

Consultation & Treatment Planning (With or without report)
(Includes necessary x rays, preventative advice, acclimatisation, scale & polish, toothbrushung instruction & fluloride application)

£100 ( £150 with report)
Check up, Scale & Polish and Preventative treatment

£90 (30 mins) 
£115 (45 mins recommended for children wearing fixed braces)

Pulpotomy from £120
Primary tooth extraction from £85
Stainless steel crown from £200
Sealants & Extended sealants 

from £55 / tooth

Fillings from £85
Anterior Apexification/Apexogenisis

Cost may vary according to complexity of case

Inhalation Sedation (R.A.)

from £150 per appointment

I.V. Sedation (Adult)

From £200 per appointment

Homeopathy, acupuncture and hypnosis is available and is often integrated into the cost of standard
treatments. These adjuncts to dental treatment may be charged separately if extra time is required.










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Specialist Periodontics

To include all necessary x-rays, mounted study models and any other diagnostic test required. Written report and estimate within 5 days.


Initial periodontal therapy.  
To include 2 appointments with the periodontist and appointments for full mouth subgingival scaling under local anaesthesia followed by a reassessment 6-8 weeks later

From £350

Implants/Restored implants
Cases are treatment planned and costed on an individual basis. To include all prosthetic and laboratory fees. Excluding any necessary CT scan.

From £2500

Gingival grafting for recession.  
To include 1 post operative check appointments.

From £650

Periodontal crown lengthening surgery.
To include 1 post operative check appointments.

From £550

Ridge augmentation.  
To include 2 post operative check appointments.

From £700

Pocket reduction surgery. 
To include 2 post operative check appointments.

From £675  per sextant

Long term maintenance and monitoring.
With full periodontal reassessment & cleaning.

From £150 per session


We recommend 3 monthly hygienist maintenance for all medium to high risk periodontal patients and all smokers. More frequent maintenance is recommended for the first 6 months after any form of regeneration procedure.

Intravenous sedation can be provided as requested.


















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Specialist Orthodontics

(to include all necessary X rays, photography and full report)

Metal braces      From £2500

(Clear removeable braces)                                                       

From £3500
Clear fixed (cosmetic) braces From £3000
Incognito (Lingual braces)  From £6500

Following a detailed consultation, each patient will be provided with a bespoke treatment plan and estimate.
Several payment options are available. Please speak to our receptionist for more details








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Specialist Endodontics 

Consultaion + radiographs (30 minutes) £120
Consultaion + radiographs +CBCT £200
Consultaion and Investigation (60 minutes) £250
Extended consultation - more than one tooth ( 45 min) £180


Tooth Upper incisors/ Canine Lower incisors Premolars Molars
Untreated ( vital/ non vital) £600 £600 £650 £750
Re RCT £650 £650 £700 £800
Post Core £200 £200 £200 £200
Surgery £700 £700 £700 £700


Crown/ Bridge removal, Post removal, Perforation repair, Fractured instrument, Silver point removal, Bypass £100
A review appontment will be offered at the completion of the treatment Free of charge
We reserve the right to charge extra for calcified canals if extra treatment time is required
Sedation Sevices - Conscious Oral Sedation £200/session
Sedation Sevices -I.V. Sedation (by anaesthetists) £300/ hour

All appointments of 1 hour and longer are booked with £200 deposit.
The deposit will be counted towards the final cost of the treatment.

The deposit is non refundable if appointment is not kept (no show) or cancelled without 48 hours
(2 working days) notice.

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Specialist Oral Surgery


£100- £150

Surgical Extraction from £250

3rd Molar Surgical removal                                    
(Single tooth)

from £350

Soft tissue surgery                                                 
(If histopathology and report required add £125)

from £300

(Additional roots £150)

from £450

(Surgical placement)

from £1500

Implant crown                   

from £1000

Orthodontic implant                      

from £500

Bone augmentation                                                 
Ramus or Symphysis graft

from £2000

Sinus elevation                                                      

from £2000

I.V. Sedation.                                                            
(Available on request with all procedures)

from £200

All of the above procedures include post-operative checks as necessary.













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Specialist Prosthodontics & Restorative Dentistry

(To includevall necessary X rays, study casts and reports)

from £125

Implant Dentistry (Including restoration)
          Surgical placement of implants
          Single tooth replacement
          Fixed Bridges (Partial and Full arch)
          Implant Supported over dentures

from £2500 / Implant

Restorative Dentistry       
         Full mouth reconstruction/rehabilitation
         Management of worn dentition
         Increasing the occlusal vertical dimension
         Management of hypodontia

(Costs may vary according to complexity of case.This will bedetailed in report to be sent to Patient / Referring Dentist )
Prosthodontics - Fixed
          Crowns and bridges
           Adhesive bridgework
           Adhesive metal inlays and backings
           Dahl appliances and techniques utilising the Dahl concept
           Cosmetic dentistry and bleaching
           Removal of fractured posts

from £850 / unit

Prosthodontics - Removeable
Complete acrylic dentures
Cobalt Chromium dentures
Immediate replacement

from £2400 / set

from £1500 / denture


Michigan Occlusal Splint Therapy from £575

Management of TMJ Dysfunction



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