Nervous patient programme

Nervous Patients & Special Needs Dentistry @ 42

We are passionate about the treatment of nervous and phobic patients and have significant experience in helping such patients achieve and maintain good dental health. In addition, our personalised treatment plans aim to build trust in order to help patients overcome their phobias and develop good dental habits, as far as possible minimising the need for extensive invasive treatment in the future.

Usually, we recommend an an initial consultation with the Dentist in order for you to get to know them and for them to get to know you. Once we have established your needs and wishes and discussed what’s possible, working together we will assess the level of anxiety, specific phobias and explore the best way to manage things for the best short and long term outcome for each patient.

Apart from various well established psychological techniques, we are also able to offer the following range of techniques in the management of severe anxiety and phobias relating to dental treatment:

A variety of complimentary adjuncts such as acupuncture and homeopathy are also available as these have proved useful in certain cases. Due to the limitations of practice-based dentistry, some aspects of traditional Special Needs Dentistry relating to severe physical and mental handicap are best dealt with in a hospital or community setting.*

Special Needs Dentistry @ 42 is provided by Dr Raffaela Mattiozzi.

*Please note that our practice is located in an old Victorian building with steps to the entrance and also to the surgeries. We are also not equipped with recliners or hoists so treatment for patients in wheelchairs is severely limited.