Implant Dentistry

Specialist Implant Services at 42

The placement of Dental implants have become an effective, long-lasting way to replace one or more missing teeth. They can offer an alternative to destructive bridgework and remove the need for dentures. They can improve how patients eat and speak, prevent shrinkage of the jawbone and keep existing teeth firmly in place.

Experience has taught us that careful planning is essential in order to reduce the chances of failure and to give the best chance of a positive long-term outcome.

At 42, we understand that each Dental Implant case presents unique challenges and working with a multidisciplinary mindset in a multidisciplinary setting gives us the opportunity to make the most of the skills, training, experience and shared input from different Specialists.

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The 42 Implant treatment pathway

Implants have been placed and restored successfully at 42 since 2003.

During this time, naturally the field of Implant Dentistry has evolved as new and ongoing research and evidence has surfaced and this has directly contributed to the protocols we follow.

Our aim is to make sure that we achieve the very best outcome for all patients who have chosen to have their implant treatment carried out at 42.

This pathway was designed to ensure that each patient is seen by only who we consider to be the most appropriate Specialist, having the specific training and skill set that is appropriate to each case.

Our Implant Dentistry team at 42

Initial Assessmemt

All implant referrals are first be seen by Dr Sarah Waia for assessment and treatment planning.
This consult will include all necessary x rays and CT scans.
This information will be shared with the Specialist who will place the implant.

Stable Perio condition
or Bone regeneration or Grafting required

Refer to Dr Anastasiya Orishko

Unstable/Questionable Perio condition or Peri implantitis:

Refer to Dr Anastasiya Orishko

Unstable/Questionable Endo condition of adjacent teeth

Refer to Dr Vida Adib.


If any extractions are to be carried out prior to implant treatment, these are usually referred to Dr Anastasiya Orishko who will be able to carry out an assessment at the time of extraction. No consultation fee will be charged if extraction is carried out at this appointment.

Bone Regeneration assessment:

In the a case where bone regeneration may be necessary then this assessment is carried out by Dr Anastasiya Orishko. This assessment is often done at the time of extraction.